Monday’s earthquake was natural: Botswana Geological Survey

Monday’s earthquake was natural: Botswana Geological Survey

The quake measured 6.5 on the Richter scale.(US Geological Survey)
The Botswana Geological Survey says the earthquake that rattled most parts of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries including South Africa on Monday night, was natural, and not man-made as initially thought.
The quake, which occurred on a remote area near Kalahari Game Reserve, was measured at 6.5 magnitude, with a speed of 130 km.



Deputy Director of Botswana Geological Survey, Mojaboswa Koketso, says at this stage there are no serious reported damages. Koketso says there is likelihood of more earthquakes in Botswana and everyone should prepare. “From where we stand, we feel that the case is natural. Basically in that area there is not much activity in terms of mining and the like. We feel that it is due to tectonic events which we still have to investigate. There is a likelihood that the earthquake will re-occur but this is the first time we have a record of it.”