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Nyasa Manufacturing Company Limited has suspended its sponsorship package with Big Bullets.

Nyasa Manufacturing Company Limited has suspended its
sponsorship package with Big Bullets.

Bullets following the disagreement between the Board of Trustees and supporters executive committee over the decision to have executive polls this month.
Bullets sponsorship package suspended.
The Board of Trustees told the supporters committee that they were in favor of commercialization drive being championed by Malinda Chinyama but not executive polls as per demanded by the constitution.
However, the supporters committee led by Stone Mwamadi vowed to have the polls conducted saying the team’s constitution should not be violated.
The wrangle has seen some members from the Board of Trustees resigning from their respective positions.
According to information at hand is indicating that Nyasa Manufacturing has suspended the teams sponsorship effective today.
Meanwhile Nyasa has promised the Bullets family that they will continue sponsoring the peoples team once squabbles are over at the club.
The company’s board chairperson Konrad Buckle says among other things, they were not informed on the
appointment of the new interim executive committee which he says remains contrary to the sponsorship agreement.
“We entered into this partnership with the club structure that determines a clear guideline regarding the control, ownership and management of this club which is stipulated within the club’s constitution which gave us the comfort to invest our money in the club as a strategic partner.” he told the media on Monday.
Big Bullets clinched a K500 million sponsorship deal (K100 million per year) with Nyasa Manufacturing Company Limited in the year 2015 on 30th October under Sam Chilunga led executive.
Before Nyasa Manufacturing company, Bullets played in the top flight without sponsors for 11 solid years after the former Malawi president Bakili Muluzi pulled out his sponsorship package.
Since then, the team was surviving on gate collections and some small packages from its high spirited sponsors.