Govt, ANC might need opposition in amending land restitution

Govt, ANC might need opposition in amending land restitution

President Jacob Zuma addressed the 20th opening of the National House of Traditional Leaders in Parliament.(SABC)
President Jacob Zuma has hinted at co-operation between certain parties in Parliament to make the necessary constitutional amendments for land restitution. This comes just three days after the ANC and other parties voted to reject an Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) motion to allow expropriation of land without compensation.
At the time, EFF leader Julius Malema offered the African National Congress (ANC) the support of the EFF in Parliament to achieve the two-thirds majority that would allow Section 25 of the Constitution, dealing with land, to be amended.
President Zuma was addressing the 20th opening of the
National House of Traditional Leaders in Parliament.
“Government and the governing party would want to ensure that this is an orderly process.We do not support illegal land grabs. Actions that we will undertake must be informed by the constitution and the laws of the land that’s the reason I’m pleading that particularly the parties that represent historically disadvantaged people must unite on these matters so that we have sufficient majority to take this decision.”
In the same speech, Zuma expressed confidence in the Social Development Department’s ability to pay out social grants next month. The department and government agency South African Security Service Agency (SASSA) have yet to confirm any plan to pay out the grants. President Zuma once again told the millions of South Africans who receive the grants not to panic.
“Chairperson and our leaders, I know that you’re likely to be worried about the payment of social grants from the next financial year given media reports. I have confidence in the ministers of social development and finance – they’re working hard with the support their colleagues in cabinet to ensure that all our close to 17 million beneficiaries receive their