Chakwera blushed by dpp

Malawi’s political atmosphere has been turned into a blaming ground as government has hit back at leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera for criticising the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration.


In a statement released Wednesday, government has claimed that Chakwera has an appetite for anarchy and dictatorship which is a threat to democracy.

These sentiments follow a statement that Chakwera had addressed to the public faulting President Peter Mutharika’s government describing it as the most “corrupt”.
Chakwera further called for action on reports of corruption among top government officials. He added by threatening to boycott parliamentary sessions if Mutharika remains silent on controversial issues in the country.
Reacting to the statement, government through its spokesperson Nicholas Dausi has faulted Chakwera arguing that the MCP leader was calling for a revolt.
“Dr. Chakwera’s appetite for dictatorship and anarchy as evidenced by his express desire to sabotage development and Parliament business unless President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika breaks some laws is menacing threat to our democracy.
“Government is further concerned that Dr. Chakwera has called upon the Head of State to break the laws of the Republic by undermining the independence of and interfering with the law enforcing agencies such as the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB),”
The statement further disclosed that probing government officials as demanded by Chakwera is arbitrary use of power, something Mutharika would not allow as he is a peaceful democrat who respects the rule of law