Manhunt for alleged SANDF gunman continues









Manhunt for alleged SANDF gunman continues















Durban – Police are on the manhunt for a SANDF soldier who went on the rampage in Inanda and Ntuzuma on Tuesday, killing two people and injuring three others, including a policeman with an assault rifle.

The soldier, in search of his girlfriend, allegedly shot three of her sisters – one of whom died.

The other two and a policeman dispatched to the scene were taken to hospital.

The soldier’s girlfriend and their 2-month-old child were not at home during the attack.

He was clad in full army fatigues and armed with an R-4 rifle, acco

SA Army member open gun to his girlfriend family Members and SAPS cars at Ntuzuma near  Bus Rank. PICTURE: SIBUSISO NDLOVU
SA Army member open gun to his girlfriend family Members and SAPS cars at Ntuzuma near Bus Rank.

rding to witnesses.

Military police, SAPS and metro police swarmed Ntuzuma in search of the solider. Police cordoned off areas where the shooting occurred while forensic detectives searched for clues.

The girlfriend’s brother, who did not want to be named, said the soldier – who is part of the Eighth South African Infantry Battalion – had heard rumours that his girlfriend was cheating on him.

The brother said the soldier drove about 1 200km from Upington in his VW Polo to Durban.

When the soldier arrived in Durban, soon after 9am, the soldier went to Inanda where he apparently believed his girlfriend would be.

He went to her family home and demanded to know her whereabouts. In the ensuing fracas he shot her two sisters.

“He called my mother and she answered the phone. He tried to find out where we were. She did not tell him where our other home was but he was still able to find out where we lived. We had already fled because we heard he was coming.”

The soldier sped to Ntuzuma. “In Ntuzuma he came across an older brother of mine and pointed a gun at him demanding to know my sister’s whereabouts. We had run to a nearby house and watched as things unfolded,” he said.

“My older brother said he did not know her whereabouts and he dragged him to his car. While he was being dragged, my brother managed to call to warn us what was happening. We ran to to the police station.”

When police arrived at the scene, an exchange of fire ensued. One of the sisters was shot in the arm.

The brother added: “We were praying this ordeal would be over while we were in the police bus.”

A neighbour said the shoot-out carried on for about 10 minutes.

An elderly man, who asked not be named, said he saw silhouettes zigzagging in his front yard while he was in his house.

The man said a policeman was shot in the foot and ran for cover in his yard.

“His colleagues came to help him and they took off his shoes and treated his injuries. It dawned on me that I might die today. I was praying no bullets would hit my windows.”

Brigadier Jay Naicker, police spokesperson in KwaZulu-Natal, confirmed the incident and said police were still hunting for the soldier.

The SANDF Force’s Brigadier-General Mafi Mgobozi said military police had been dispatched and were working with local law enforcement.

He said they would not tolerate any form of ill-discipline from their members, regardless of rank or the situation.

Naicker said a co-ordinated multi-disciplinary team was searching for the soldier. He appealed to anyone who might know the soldier’s whereabouts to immediately contact the nearest police station or Crime Stop: 08600 10111.

“We would not advise any member of the public to attempt to apprehend him because he is dangerous and heavily armed,” said Naicker.